Blog Sale!!

**Update as of 4/26/14**

I need to get rid of a ton of old polish!  What I've got is below.  If you want something specific, you may request it via e-mail to  OR I'll also be doing grab bags!  For $12 + SH ($5.70) you can get a grab bag with 6-8 polishes, with at least one name brand polish guaranteed.  If you are a franken-er and order a grab bag, let me know!  I've got glitter left over from my frankening days and don't feel like listing it, but I'll add some to your bag!

Sadly, I will no longer be shipping internationally.  I accept payment via PayPal's gift option ("Sending money to family or friends").  Payments must be made to within 24 hours of my response to your polish purchase request and will be on a first come first served basis.  If payment is not received, the polish will go to the next requester.  Sorry, I will not be holding polishes.

Shipping for U.S. buyers is: $2.50 for the first polish and $0.50 for each additional polish, tracking number included.  Around 6 to 8 polishes (depending on the brand/bottle size) can fit in a small flat rate envelope for $5.70. If you'd like insurance, that will be an additional fee.  International buyers must inquire about shipping.

Thanks and have fun!

Elemental Styles

Ces-ium The Day ($7.00)

 Xenon: Warrior Princess (3 left, -- $7.00)

U.S.Americium (2 left -- $6.50)
Lu-certainely Look Marvelous (BN, $4.00), Be a Dahlia Won't You? (Used 1x, $4.50), Rainbow Connection, Lil' Shooters (Swatched one nail each, $1) , Nice Color, Eh? (90% full, $3), Meet Me on the Star Ferry (Used 1x, $4)

Not pictured: Glamour Game (Used 2x, $4), Black Shatter (90% full, $3), Turquoise Shatter (90% full, $3)
 China Glaze
Lightning Bolt (Used 1x, $2), Glam-More (Used 1x, $2), Crushed Candy (Used 1x, $2), Fault Line (Used 1x, $2), Rosita (Used 1x, $3), Thataway (90%, $2), Grape Juice (Used 1x, $2), Riveting (Used 1x, $3), Ruby Pumps (Used 1x, $3)

Flying Dragon 1 (Neon) (Used 1x, $3), Flying Dragon 2 (Neon) (Used 1x, $3), Paint The Town Red (85% full, $2), Frosty (Used 2x, $2), QT (Filled to top of bottle before curve, $13) , Hyper Haute (Filled to top of CG symbol, $12) 
 Color Club
Foil Me Once, Lumen-icent, Perfect Mol-ten, Hot Like Lava, Beyond the Mistletoe, Unnamed Lavender, Pardon My French (?) Hot Couture (?) -- All either BN or swatched 1x, $2.00 each

Top Coat x1 (Unused, $0.50), Orna-minted (Used 1x, $3), Catwalk Queen (Used 1x, $3), Magnetic Hipnotic (Used 1x, $3), Charmed I'm Sure (mini) (BN, $1)

Vanessa (Used 1x), Oscar (Used 1x), Gloria  (Used 1x), Gloria (BN), Demi (Used 1x), Amy (BN), Annette (BN), Alma (BN), Samantha (Used 1x), Chloe (Used 1x), Zoe (BN), and Fast Dry Top Coat (Used 2x, $4)
Not pictured: Natalie (Used 1x)
All $5 each (except fast dry top coat) 

Fantasea (90% full, $3), Ma Cherie (Used 1x, $4), Galaxy Girl (Used 1x, $4), It's Up to Blue (BN, $3), Moonlit Madness (Used 1x, $3), Berry Blast (75%, $2.50), Star Spangled (Used 1x, $4), Oh Cabana Boy (BN, $3)
Not Pictured: Oui (Used 1x, $4) , Ingenue (Used 1x, $4), Sweet Peacock (90%, $4), Sheer Beauty French Manicure (60%, $1)
 Pure Ice
Feeling Hot (Used 2x, $1), Vinyl Remix Set in Glam Rock (BN, $6), Vinyl Remix Set in Emcee Me (BN, $6), Lightning Strikes Crackle (Used 1x, $1), 311CP (Used 1x, $1)
Revlon Minis in Pink Ice, Winter Mist and Cherries in the Snow (All BN, $0.75 ea), Revlon Carbonite x4 x3 (All BN, $2.00), Orange Fizz (Scented, Used 1x, $1.50)
 Sinful Colors
Great for frankening :) Savage, Cream Pink x2, Happy Ending x2, Black on Black x2, Cloud 9 x3 -- All BN or used 1x, $1.00 ea
 Sally Hansen
Midnight Sky (Used 1x, $2), Sonic Boom (75% full, $1), HD Hi-Res (Used 1x, $3), South Sea Pearl (BN, $3), Mandarin Garnet (BN, $6), Diamond (BN x2, $7)

New York Glitters in Fuschia, Multi x2, and Royal Blue (All BN, $1 ea), LA Colors Star Light (Used 1x, $1), LA Girl Head Banging (Used 1x, $1), Icing Glamarous (75% full, $1), Wet n Wild Rockin' Rubies (BN, $4), Wet n Wild Sparked (Used 2x, $1)

L'Oreal Blue Marine (Used 1x, $2), Maybelline Pink Halo (Used 1x, $1), CG Rose Coral (BN, $1), Del Sol Surfer Girl (Used 2x, $3.00)

Milani Bet on Red (90% full, $3), Milani Sun Flash (70% full, $1), CND Raspberry Sparkle (Used 1x, $4.50), CND Scarlet Shimmer (Used 1x, $4.50), Ulta Fuchsiamania (Used 1x, $1.50), Ulta Princess (Used 1x, $1.50)

Savvy Chocolate, 10 Chocolate Kiss, Slick, Fuchsia Flash, Color Zone Unnamed Fuchsia, Nina Leaf Me Alone -- (All BN or used 1x, $0.75 ea),  Rimmel London Deliciously Dark ($3)

NYC Black Lace Creme x2 (BN, $0.75 ea), Burst Crackle in Violet Flame (Used 1x, $1), Burst Crackle in Shimmering Heat (Used 1x, $1), Borghese Patina Pearl (85% full, $3.50), Lime Crime Peaches <3 Cream (Used 1x, $4)

Not pictured but also for sale:

Oui (Used 1x, $4)
Ingenue (Used 1x, $4)
Sweet Peacock (Used 1x, $4)
Sheer Beauty French Manicure (60%, $1)

Glamour Game (Used 1x, $4)
Turquoise Shatter (Used 1x, $3)
Black Shatter (Used 3x, $3)

Color Club
Cadillac Red (BN, $2)

BK Holographics 6 mL
05 (Pink) (Used 1x, $10)
20 (Black) (Used 1x, $10)

Glitter Gal 9 mL
10 to Midnight (Used 1x, $10)
Lizard Belly (Used 1x, $10)

Sally Hansen
Blush Diamond (Nail Prisms) (Used 1x, $7)
Posh Plum (Xtreme Wear) (BN, $1.50)
Celeb City (75%, $1)

Wet 'n Wild
It's Not You, It's Me (Crackle) (BN, $2)
Free, Free at Last! (Crackle) (Used 1x, $2)

Funky Fingers
Melted Popsicle (Used 1x, $2)
White Scales (Used 2x, $1)
Silver Scales (Used 2x, $1)
Silver Scales (Used 2x, $1)

Natalie (Used 1x, $5)

Twilight (Used 1x, $3.50)
Mood Swing Color Changing in Stormy/Serene (Used 2x, $3)

Victoria's Secret
I Won't Bite (Used 3x, $1)

Not Too Polished Frankens (
Winterfell ( (BN, $3)
Peony ( (BN, $3)
Lestrange ( (BN, $3)

Wonder Beauty Products Franken (
Cherries Jubilee ( (BN, $5)

Any questions? Ask!